Parish Council






Chair: Stuart Bodill

Vice Chair: Granville May


Frazer Venable

Jonathon Peake

Paul Bracegirdle

Nicky Smith

Tony Elliott


Clerk: Chrissie Wilson

For any correspondence or information, email






Present:           Stuart Bodill    (Chairman)

                        Granville May (Vice Chairman)

                        Frazer Venables

                        Nicky Smith

                        Tony Elliott



Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Jonathan Peake and Paul Bracegirdle



Declarations of Interest


None were received.



Minutes of the last meeting


The minutes, having been circulated, were signed by the Chairman as a true record.



Matters arising from the minutes


4.1 Meadow Land – the Chairman confirmed that a meeting had taken

place with the District Council and discussions are still ongoing with the developer.


4.2 Football Club – a letter will be sent to the football club advising them

of the works that will take place on the playing field.  The Chairman has

walked around the field to see if there is a possibility of using one area

of the field.  There is an open meeting with Seven Trent and the village

which may give an indication of the date when the work will start.


4.3 Local Communities – the Chairman said that Frazer has been investigating

gates for entrances to the village.  Frazer has filled in the relevant paperwork

for funding to be sent to NCC.   There is funding for three gateways but

it is up to the Parish Council where they want the signs placing.


Granville asked if there is a time limit on the funding, it was noted there is not.

This will allow the village time to decide what they want on the actual signs.


It is agreed to go with NCC for the funding and to put something on the village

website showing possible design options.  It was also agreed that a flyer be placed

in the Dover Beck.  Frazer will speak to Chrissie.

It was noted the signs have to be placed within the Parish boundary



County Council Matters


The Chairman asked Roger about the weed spraying on Lowdham lane.

Roger advised there is a consultation on which paths want spraying and

cutting back.  He will look into this.



Roger advised that more money will be spent on pot holes.  He is also

trying to have the road on Gonalston lane re-surfaced.  The Chairman

said that Chapel Lane also needs re-surfacing.

Roger advised that Lowdham have been having trouble with gypsies

again, they now have a court order to move them on.  They like this area

and he advised the Parish Council to be aware.  Roger said it is difficult to

keep them off land owned by Parish Councils.  Tony asked if a gate lock was

broken by the gypsies, can they be sent away?  Roger said they cannot

because you cannot prove it was them.





There is no planning this month.



Neighbourhood Planning


Granville said there is nothing to add, everything is going through N&SDC

and other different authorities for their opinions.





The Chairman thanked Granville and Tony for their help in setting up internet banking.


Approval was given for two invoices from Neville Needham


July :           invoice value £100

August :      invoice Value £110



Village Hall and Village Management Committee


It was noted there will be a meeting of the Management Committee on Thursday 12th October.



Playing Field and Play Equipment


Frazer has checked the equipment and everything is in order.  He noted

that there are some overhanging tree branches near the play area which need to

be addressed as children are using them for swinging and hanging on.


Complaints have been received from the tennis club regarding weeds around

the tennis courts, Frazer has sent someone down to clear these away.


The Tennis Club requested that security lighting at the side of village hall be

put up at their own cost.


Frazer and Stuart to liaise with Dan at the Tennis Club.


It was noted that the issue of Dog Mess on the playing field has now improved.

Frazer said two of the new dog waste bins have been put up, but the third is

yet to be sited.  Nicky said the third one could go up near her fence.


Frazer said the old dog waste bins have been re-furbished and it was suggested

that one could be placed at the back of the Cross Keys.  He has spoken to the

owners about this.


Frazer will obtain one or two quotations for the tree cutting around the play area.


Granville asked about signs around the village hall for people who take their dogs

onto the playing field.


Frazer agreed to obtain two signs which say “Dogs Must Be Kept on a Lead”.


Frazer confirmed that the gate to the field is kept locked all time unless

eg the electricity people need access.  He has taken photos of the lock, should

there be any problem with people trying to gain access, they can be shown

to the Police.



Safer Neighbourhood


Tony asked if everyone was happy with the report he has recently circulated.

The Chairman this was excellent.



Health and Safety


It was noted that the monthly report can be found in the file.





The following items of correspondence were noted by the meeting:


Letter from Severn Trent Water confirming a public exhibition in the village

on 21st September 4-7pm. (This has been circulated via email and displayed

on the Notice Board).


Speed awareness stickers for Wheelie Bins – it was agreed not to purchase them.


Details of Newark and Sherwood District Council’s new address was noted.

A copy of this has been placed on the village Notice Board.


Letter received from Via advising on the consulation of a proposed 50mph speed limit

on Nottingham Road (B6386), Oxton Road (B6386) Southwell Road (B6386) and

Sandy Lane (Oxton) between the Oxton By Pass (A6097) and Southwell.


A copy will be circulated in the village by the Clerk


Letter received from the House of Commons from Robert Jenrick MP concerning

the potential closure of the custody suite at Newark Police Station. This was given

to the Chairman.



Any Other Business


1.         Granville highlighted the need to have an accident book following

            on from information from NALC about a Parish Council being

            taken to court about this.   Margaret pointed out that Epperstone

            Village Hall does have an accident book.  It was noted that a separate

            Health & Safety Board would be better to display all H&S information.


2.         Granville asked if the new Parish Council members have signed the

            Code of Conduct.   This needs to be completed at the next meeting.



3.         Granville asked if it is worth having another training course for people

            in the village on use of the Defibrilator.  It was felt that it would be

            expensive and there may not be any value in another course.


4.         Stuart requested that the car park needed tidying up. He said

            the gravel could be removed and replaced after spraying the area.

            He also felt that the “island” areas needed tidying and the planting

            sorted out.   It was agreed that a quotation for the work on the island

            be obtained from Richard Covill.


5.         Tony asked if a menage, put in place, by Jo Wright, required planning

            permission and had been through the Parish Council.  It was noted

            that planning is required and this had been approved.


6.         It was confirmed that the Parish Council can buy a web site.

            It was noted that Paul is looking into this with Helen.  There is also

            funds available for the purchase of a computer and printer for the



7.         It was noted that the Clerk has reported the broken finger post by

            Steeple Cottage to Notts County Council, also the poor condition

            of the “hedges” bridlepath and the broken bridge at the top of the field

            behind the Cross Keys Pub.


8.         The clerk has reported that the roof on the back of the Bus Shelter is

            crumbling and is dangerous.



There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.10pm

Papers for EPC Meeting Tuesday 21st November


Please note: Neville Needham is paid by the Church for cutting the grass and not by the Parish Council as stated in the summary.

Epperstone Mains Water Action Committee


This first report was presented at the Epperstone Parish Council meeting in June but unfortunately due to computer problems was not included in the July edition Doverbeck.

Please click on the link below to read the first and the second report from these meetings.

What progress has been made?

In September Severn Trent Water installed an ultrasonic flow meterwhich monitors outflow of waters from the reservoirs. It is designed todetect excessive flow rates in the event of a major burst, currently engineers would still need to come to the sitebut the response time would be much quicker. Hopefully this problem would be resolved once the automatic valves are installed early in the New Year. These valves will ensure that the water from the reservoir can be shut off within 15 - 30 minutes.

Severn Trent's Investment Board has approved in principle an approximate £1.5m scheme to reroute the 24" main around the village. This is excellent news but it is a major exercise and could take up to 2 years to complete. The actual route of the new pipe has yet to be finalised.

Neighbourhood Watch


Tony Elliott is the lead for Neighbourhood Watch in the village.


Mrs Gunn continues to forward police alerts of crimes in the area to those people on her email list. If you would like your email address to be included please contact her on

Epperstone Trunk Water Main Replacement Works

Update from Severn Trent Water

Work to install the new water main in Epperstone is progressing well. Towards the end of January (W/C 22 Jan) we’ll need to move out of the field to install some connections and valves on Gonalston Lane. Unfortunately to do this safely we’ll need to close Gonalston Lane, close to the village hall to through traffic for about 4 weeks – access will be maintained to properties and the village hall during this phase of work and traffic will be diverted along Lowdham Road. Thank you once again for your patience while we carry out this work.

You can also keep up to date with the project by checking our project webpage - see the link below.

if you scroll down you’ll find Epperstone half way down the page on the left.



Gareth Mead

Severn Trent Water

Capital Communications


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