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Anthony Giles

0115 965 3727


Benefice Administrator

Tracey Akehurst

0115 965 2114

If you have a church query please contact Tracey on the number above or email:


Church Wardens

Wynn Needham (Ep) 966 5118

Wendy Preston (Ep)

Neil Allen 07976 844 261

Liell Francklin (Gon)  966 4593

Mike Newell (Ox)  965 3420

Helen Lees (Ox)  965 5167


Wednesday Coffee Drop in...

10am - 12noon First Wednesday of the month - St Swithun's Woodborough

10.45 - 12noon Third Wednesday of the month - St Peter and St Paul's Oxton

10.45am - 12noon Weekly - Holy Cross Epperstone


All coffee mornings cancelled until further notice.

Please read the following information on Church Services

The Benefice of Epperstone, Gonalston, Oxton and Woodborough.


Church of the Holy Cross

Currently all our church buildings are closed for public worship, private prayer and all other meetings and activities (including baptisms, weddings and funerals) until further notice.

We are aware that this is a very difficult time. To keep you updated as much as possible, as well as enable you to continue to worship and pray at home we are providing a number of resources and information which can be accessed through a number of different options.

A Church Near You/ Church of the Holy Cross

Facebook: Benefice Churches of Epperstone, Gonalston, Oxton and Woodborough

And for the less tech savvy who prefer not to surf the internet, a Benefice Newsletter that is a weekly update with information and resources (although this also appears on both the above sites). If you would like to be included on the email distribution list please contact Tracey, the Benefice Administrator -

If you would like to contact us directly please get in touch with either Anthony or Tracey.

Revd Anthony Giles (0776 652 5620/

Tracey Akehurst (0115 965 2114/

For any general church enquiries please contact Tracey.

The Benefice of Epperstone, Oxton, Gonalston & Woodborough


Due to public health concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak, we have taken the difficult decision to close all our village churches until further notice.


We will be adding more online resources for personal prayer and at home worship in due course.

The Benefice of Epperstone, Oxton, Gonalston & Woodborough
Church Services & Events : Urgent Coronavirus update
In light of the Government current recommendation regarding social distancing and
non- essential contact to restrict the spread of coronavirus, the Archbishops of
Canterbury and York have now issued advice that all public worship is to be suspended
until further notice.
All current scheduled church services will now cease with immediate effect and until
further notice. This will also include services during Holy Week and the combined
Rural Churches Together services.
In addition, all other church activities and events will not be taking place for the
foreseeable future. This includes any children’s activities, coffee mornings, prayer
meeting, study groups, choir practice, bell ringing etc.
A Morning Prayer service sheet will be available for home worship. Hard copies will be
available in church, or can be sent out via email. Please contact Tracey, the Benefice
We will continue to update you with any further news, but if you have any
queries please contact Anthony or Tracey - by phone or email only please .
Updated information will also be found on the individual church ‘A Church Near You’
websites or via social media.
Current advice from the Church of England can be found at the link below:
In the meantime, please prioritise keeping yourselves safe and healthy, and hold each
other in your prayers.
Vicar: Revd Anthony Giles
(0776 652 5620/
Benefice Administrator: Tracey Akehurst
(0015 965 2114 /

Church Flowers

15th-22nd December - Christmas Flowers

29th December and 5th January - Jane Curtis

12th and 19th January - Sue Kernahan

26th January and 2nd February - Davina Helps

9th and 16th February - Joan Hinchley

23rd February - Silk Flowers

26th February - Ash Wednesday


If anyone would like to help decorate the church for any of the church festivals, i.e.Harvest, Christmas, Easter or Epperstone Festival (once every two years) ...

... Please contact

Helen on 0115 966 3339


Nicky on 0115 966 3253


You don't have to be an expert flower arranger. We are all amateurs who just love flowers!

Thank you


Due to COVID 19, it is not possible to deliver the Dover Beck around the village. Instead, a copy of the magazine is available here.

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