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Chair: Stuart Bodill

Vice Chair: Granville May

Clerk: Chrissie Wilson


Frazer Venables

Sue Santos

Jonathon Peake

Paul Bracegirdle

Nicky Smith

Tony Elliott


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SB began by welcoming the new Councillors to the meeting.

Stuart Bodill (SB)
Granville May (GM)
Tony Elliott (TE)
Fraser Venables (VB)
Jonathan Peake (JP)
Paul Bracegirdle (PB)


2. Apologies
Nicky Smith (NS)
Roger Jackson (RJ)


3. Declarations of interest


4. Minutes 
Agreed and signed


5 .Matters arising.
    5.1 Meadowland
SB began by bringing new members up to date with Meadowland proceedings thus far.
Approximately half of the 106 money was received before the Manor Park development started, and at the time, we were confident that more would follow. We were not aware that it would take so long for completion of the project, and during this period, the Meadowland has not been maintained on a regular basis.
PB asked for further clarification regarding this piece of land, and questioned whether or not residents were to be allocated allotments. SB said this was unlikely, and explained how he has been writing to Newark and Sherwood monthly for updates and answers.

    5.2 Football Club
Lowdham Colts Manager, Dave Johnson, has proposed a rental fee of £5 per annum for the storage facility. This was declined. The point was raised that for safety reasons, there should be limitations over what can be stored in the facility, eg. no flammable liquids.
It was reported that the toilets were unclean for two consecutive weekends. Also, the door from the disabled toilet to the outside had been found to be open. 
Action: Clerk to establish whose responsibility it is to clean the toilet. 
It was suggested that the game manager take responsibility for inspecting the field and checking the security and condition of the toilet at the end of the match.
It was questioned why the cleaners who clean the village hall and toilets, do not clean the disabled toilet as well.
Action: Clerk to write to Dave Johnson, to update him of actions from meeting.


    5.3 Supporting Local Communities Scheme
SB explained how in the past, we have submitted applications for various grants in order to improve and maintain the village environment, particularly the land in front of Plantation Cottages. In future, this agenda item will be referred to as Local Communities Scheme.

6. County Council Matters.
RJ was unable to be present at the meeting. SB explained that this agenda item usually concerns such items as pot holes, pavements and signage.
Prior to the meeting, RJ had informed SB that there are plans for the footpath on Lowdham Road into the village to be improved. Also, work to the trees along the North entrance to the village is imminent.
Action: Clerk to ask RJ if we can have another trail of the interactive sign used to establish the speed of motorists as they enter the village.


7. Planning.
No new plans submitted at the time of the meeting.


8. Epperstone Neighbourhood Planning
GM reported that the next meeting was scheduled for 22 Feb, and would be aiming to finalise the draft plan. Provisional plan is to circulate the plan to households over the weekend of 11/12 March, and then there would be opportunities for residents to voice their opinions at the Village Hall on 25 March, 11 – 2.30.


9. Finance 
SB explained income and expenditure, as well as how the Precept works.
He stated that usually at the year end, we are in credit.

The following cheques were signed:

Payee    Amount    Comment
N Needham     100.00    
S. Bodill    58.40    Reimbursement for Xmas dinner for R Jackson and partner
Frank Key     12.00    
C Wilson     274.62    Clerk Salary, plus gift for retiring Councillor.


Please note: Neville Needham is paid by the Church for cutting the grass in the churchyard and NOT by the Parish Council as stated.


10. Village Hall & management Committee
Following a recent incident, there are now five fire alarms sited in various locations throughout the hall, kitchen and toilet areas. The fire doors have been inspected, and they appear to be in full working order.


11. Playing Field and Equipment.
SB explained how a designated Parish Councillor takes responsibility for inspecting the area monthly, and we pay for an independent safety inspection annually.
The sign identifying age restrictions for using the play equipment is to be replaced
Action: FB to complete this.


12. Safer Neighbourhood.
TE stated that there has been no safer Neighbourhood meeting this month.


13. Health and Safety
This was covered in agenda items 11 and 12.

14. Correspondence


15. A.O.B
•    The phone box / defibrillator is to be re-painted.
•    We are to proceed with Internet Banking and additional signatures are required for the purpose of signing cheques.
•    JP informed us that money has been ring fenced for a water main to bypass the village.
SB thanked all those on the committee who have worked so hard with Severn Trent to get to this point.
•    The issue remains with trees and hedges occluding the footpath. The home owners concerned are to be written to, and given a period of 28 days to address.


Date and time of next meeting: Tuesday 21 March 7.30


Please note: Neville Needham is paid by the Church for cutting the grass and not by the Parish Council as stated in the summary.

Epperstone Mains Water Action Committee


This first report was presented at the Epperstone Parish Council meeting in June but unfortunately due to computer problems was not included in the July edition Doverbeck.

Please click on the link below to read the first and the second report from these meetings.

What progress has been made?

In September Severn Trent Water installed an ultrasonic flow meterwhich monitors outflow of waters from the reservoirs. It is designed todetect excessive flow rates in the event of a major burst, currently engineers would still need to come to the sitebut the response time would be much quicker. Hopefully this problem would be resolved once the automatic valves are installed early in the New Year. These valves will ensure that the water from the reservoir can be shut off within 15 - 30 minutes.

Severn Trent's Investment Board has approved in principle an approximate £1.5m scheme to reroute the 24" main around the village. This is excellent news but it is a major exercise and could take up to 2 years to complete. The actual route of the new pipe has yet to be finalised.

Neighbourhood Watch


Tony Elliott is the lead for Neighbourhood Watch in the village.


Mrs Gunn continues to forward police alerts of crimes in the area to those people on her email list. If you would like your email address to be included please contact her on

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